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The trade show of foodstuffs, equipment and services for Coffee Business & Coffee Shop / Cafe Industry

7th Tokyo Cafe Show

Date July 3 (Wed.) 4 (Thu.) 5 (Fri.) 2019
3&4: 10:00am-6:00pm 5: 10:00am-5:00pm
Organised by TSO International Inc.
Admission fee 3,000 JPY

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Why Tokyo Cafe Show?

According to the All Japan Coffee Association, Japan is now third in terms of total consumption among importing countries.

As the culture of drinking coffee has established in Japan, there are more than 7-millions of the cafe-style restaurants in Japan. This style of restaurant has been achieved overwhelming presences in the Japan's restaurant industry.

In the recent years, there are the triggers of expansion have been popped into the coffee industry in Japan.

First, the number of freshly-brewed-coffee-stand has explosively increased at convenience stores and supermarkets, which has been made the population of coffee drinkers increased at a stretch.

Second, due to the influence of increasing the third-wave coffee throughout the world, the number of cafe-style restaurant, which to be about making brewed coffee and atmosphere of store's interior/exterior has been increased and that has been led to grow the Japan's coffee culture further.

The last, as the population dynamics of Japan has been stepped into the super-aged society, the retired-generations who has enough time and expense has been visiting the cafe-style restaurants, which becomes their new lifestyle of spending time in not their homes, but in the cafe-style restaurants.

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